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Terraheim is a combination of two terms, Terra means soil or earth in Latin.
Heim is a German word signifying home, which here is used to express home for all life on earth.
These two words describe our world, and we can read it as “the environment.”

Our company uses the term Eco to indicate the idea of ecology or environment-friendly in combination with innovation. innovation, as a tool for Preservation and Keeping our life healthy, is the most important value for our Company.
Terraheim will develop technologies based on innovation, which can improve our life on earth, to make us healthier and happier. We will do our best to spread out these technologies where needed.

I have been independetly engaged in the environmental field for a long time, particularly as I worked with technologies needed for purification of accumulation pollutants-with a focus on facility-centered plant projects. However, I have always felt there was a lack of acceptance and application of new technologies. With an aspiration to introduce preventive technologies for the improvement of the daily environment and health, I have put work diligently finding and refining such materials for years.

Now I will work hard to bring these technologies to you and make them achieve recognition so that more people can obfain access to them.
What a great pleasure it would be if I can provide support to make our lives healthier and more fertile as a community.

Our imagination has no limits
and no border.
Our objectives include all our nature and living space.

She majored in agricultural chemistry in Korea and biochemistry in Germany. Having left her life as a researcher, he set up an engineering company after returning home and engaged in environmental projects.At the same time, she was able to accumulate extensive experience in the field of science and technology as well as the field of environmental technology by carrying out national science and technology R&D related evaluation and budget review.
She has founded a new company “Terraheim”, and is developing and spreading innovative technologies to find ways to live a healthy life for both the earth and mankind.

– Ph. D. (1986-1989/06)
Institute of Biochemistry, Christian-Albrecht-University of Kiel, Germany (Prof. R. Schauer) (Dr, rer, nat.)
*Thesis Title : Die Spezifitaet und Interaktionweise des Galactose-erkennenden Rezeptors von Peritonealmakrophagen der Ratte
– Master(1983-1986/06)
Institute of Biochemistry, Christian-Albrecht-University of Kiel, Germany (Prof. R. Schauer) (Diplom)
– Bachelor(1981-1983/04)
Dept. of Biology. Christian-Albrecht-University of Kiel, Germany (Vor-diplom)
– Bachelor(1975-1980/02)
Dept. of Agricultural Chemistry, KoreaUniversity, Seoul, Korea
– Visited (1993-4)
Completion of Business Administration Course, Munich, Bayern State, Germany

– 1989-1990
Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Massachusetts Medical Center, U.S.A., Post-Doctoral fellow
– 1990-1992
Max-Plank Institute of Immune Biology, Freiburg, Germany, Research Scientist
– 1994-1996
Sales Department, UCB Pharmaceutical Company, Germany
– 1997.3-1997.7
IUTKorea, Representative
– 1997.9-2007.2
President of IUT, CO., Ltd. (Innovative Umwelttechnik)
– 1999.4-2001.2
Professor at Dongseo University (Dept. of Food Science, Biotechnology/International Dual Degree Program with University of Berlin)
– 2007.3-2012.4
President of MUT Korea (Representative of M-U-T GmbH/Austria)
– 2010.8-
President of “Korean Environmental Health & Welfare Association” (registered no. 310 at Ministry of Environment)
– 2014.2-
CEO of Terraheim CO., Ltd.

– A Prime Minister’s Prize for Environmental Protection (5 June 2003)

– Over 40 Articles on Environmental Technology and Policy as well as Energy Policy published
– Published Books
“Composting” as Co-author
Translation “Der Geruch” in Korean.
Translation “Hitzerekorde und Jahrhundertflut” Prof. Dr. Mijib Latif, in Korean

– Over 40 Lectures on the themes of Environment and Energy in concerning of Technology and Policy given
– Advisory Board Member of offshore minerais/“ Ministry of Trade, Industry&Energy” Member of Academy on Environment/Committee Member of Planning, Science
– Member of Advisory Committee for Reform of Reuqlation/ “Ministry of Environment”
– 2015 7th World Water Forum TF-member for Citizen’s Forum
– National Assembly Research Service, Committee member for Reserch, Analysis & Support for legislation
– Committee Member for “Korean Academy of Environmental Science”
– Founder and Advisor of “Korean Women’s Forum for Environmental Administration and Policy”
– President of “Korean Environmental Health & Welfare Association”
– National Council for Scence and Technology, Member of a Science Policy Planning Committee
– Environmental Forum / “The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea”, Chairman of Waste Management Subcommittee
– Committee of Environment anad Safety /“Korean Chamber of Commerce”, Member of the Committee
– Committee for R&D Evaluation /“Ministry of Construction and Traffic”
– Director and Advisor, 21C Frontier Corporation for Waste Recycling for ‘Ministry of Science and Technology“
– Committee Member for National R&D Project Evaluation “Ministry of Science and Technology”
– R&D Project Evaluation Committee Member for “Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy”
– Committee for Environmental Technology /“Ministry of Environment”, Member of the Expert Committee
– Advisory Committee Member for Science and Technology Policy “Ministry of Environment”, Member of the Committee
– Advisory Committee Member for Science and Technology Policy “Ministry of Education, Science and Technology”
– Committee of Environmental Protection / Seoul Metropolitan City, Member of the Committee
– 4th-6th Green Seoul Civil Committee / Seoul Metropolitan City, Member of the Sustainable Development Subcommittee
– Advisory Committee for “National Institute of Environmental Research”, Member of the Committee
– Advisory Committee for “Environment Management Corporation”, Member of the Committee
– Committee of Evaluating Environmental Impact / Seoul Metropolitan City, Member of the Committee
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