About Water

About Water

▶ Water

* Silent Planet Earth. (water accounted for 71% of the Earth, of which 97.2% were seas)
* The special planets of the solar system – the essential components of surface life.
* Water is too close when storing water.
* Birth growth that keeps the nature and cycle of life.
* More than 65% of our bodies are life-sustaining and multiplying. Metabolism essential for metabolism.
* Water is essential for photosynthesis and breathing.
– Photosynthetic cells absorb hydrogen and gas separated by using hydrogen of water and become free when it is combined with carbon dioxide and oxygen.
* Hydrogen and oxygen use solar energy to regenerate the process water and carbon dioxide.

▶ Water circulation and distribution

* There are about 1.4 billion km3 of water on Earth.
* 97.5% of the seawater and 2.5% of the freshwater are mostly in the Antarctic and Arctic ice.
* Water present in the form of groundwater, river, and lake is 0.8%, most of which is groundwater, and river and lake water is 0.01%
* Water is circling the earth by solar energy and gravitational energy. (circulation of water)
* Of the amount of water (100) that is evaporated from the sea.
– 24 drops to land in the form of rain or snow, 16 of which evaporate and 8 return to the sea through rivers or groundwater.
* Atmospheric, soil water, surface water, ground water, plant.

▶ Water of Korea – Statistics

* Amount of water falling into rain or snow for one year 1276 million m3
* Of these, about 26% of the available volume, excluding evaporation or the amount of water flowing into the sea, is 33.1 billion m3
* Is Korea a water shortage country?
– Due to the high population density, it has a water shortage condition, and it uses the water resources which are scarce. Water stressed country.
– Per capita withdrawal rate is 531 tons / year, but the high water withdrawal rate of 36.1%
– Remarkably low renewable water per capita (1,471m3)
* We use 174 liters of water per person per day in Korea. The plant uses 28 billion cubic meters of water per year .and requires 15.8 billion cubic meters of water for farming.
* Water purification rate 2007 92.1%
* Sewage treatment rate 2010 90% or more.

▶ Water and sanitation (health)

* The body is 65-70% moisture. You need about 1 to 7 liters of water every day for your body to function properly.
* Most of them absorb water through digestion through food or drink rather than drinking water directly. For healthy people, drink about 2 liters of water.
* Drinking water – treated water for human consumption, Safe water – water that is not harmful to people who can not drink but swim or wash their body.
* 90% of all wastewater in developing countries flows into local rivers and streams without purification and treatment.
* Increasing health-threatening substances are increasing rapidly with water.
– Increase of artificially synthesized chemical substances by the development of science and technology – More than 1,000,000 kinds of oil and inorganic materials combined.
– Environmental hormones – Some of the chemical substances (dioxins, PCBs, bisphenol A, etc.) that are absorbed into the body and disturb the endocrine system.

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