Terraheim Product

smart farm
▶ Piping of production lines for industries sensitive to microbial contamination (pharmaceutical, food industry, etc.)
▶ Water supply piping for smart farms or bulk greenhouses and animal breeding facilities
water purifier
▶ Water Purifier
▶ Water Tank
water production
▶ Indoor piping of residential buildings
▶ Piping and materials for new and existing waterworks and waterworks rehabilitation projects
▶ Piping related to tap water production and supply facilities such as water purification plant
membrane sysyem
▶ Special piping (for prevention of Legionella diffusion)
▶ Membrane System
▶ HDPE special oil pipeline (RTP pipe)
◈ Nanoceramic particle Composite Pipe for Inhibition of Biofilm in Drinking Water Distribution Network
- Anti-biofilm plastic & steel pipes
- Petroleum-product-transporting pipeline
- Water-tanks
◈ Anti-fouling Membrane
- All kind of membranes for Industrial purposes (in process)
TerraSAN® Anti-Biofilm HDPE Water Pipe
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